How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle in Florida?

It is needless to mention that the exact cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida will depend on your choice of insurer, the model you own and the coverage you seek. Your riding record will also influence the exact premium. The nationwide average is a little over five hundred dollars per year. The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida is nearly seven hundred dollars per year. The monthly cost is nearly sixty dollars. The statewide average is usually up to forty percent higher than the nationwide average.

Florida is one of the most expensive states for motorcycle insurance according to . In fact, a majority of states have premiums lower than that in Florida. However do not let that discourage you from shopping around for a better price. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that you can’t save some cash. Let’s be real, you have to purchase some type of coverage in order to cover yourself financially. You are in big trouble if you have an accident and don’t have proper coverage. You could financially bankrupt yourself without it.

In order to begin, you can collect a few quotes and receive a better insight on costs to cover your motorcycle. It’s really the only way to shop and compare all of your options. In addition, in order to save money quotes is definitely recommended.

Also remember that the costs are different for each rider. There are a number of factors that will influence your final cost for coverage. These factors are listed below. Be sure to review them and understand how they affect you before shopping for coverage.

The exact cost to insurance a motorcycle in Florida depends on the type and model of bike, the year it was manufactured, the age of the rider, the coverage sought and the extent to which external damages are covered according to . Every insurance company has some scope for deductibles that can reduce the monthly or annual cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida. Where you are in the state will also influence the cost. Some cities and towns are considerably cheaper to insure a car or motorcycle. The route you shall frequent or the kind of riding you will indulge in can influence the cost of insurance.

As a general rule of thumb, cost of motorcycle insurance in FL reduces with age of the rider. Cruiser motorcycles are the most inexpensive to insurance. Touring motorcycles have higher premiums. Sports bikes have the highest premiums for motorcycle insurance in Florida.