What Is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in South Florida?

South Florida is home to the three largest counties in the state. The cost of homeowners insurance is substantially greater in more populous and larger counties than in other parts of the state. The average cost of homeowners insurance is over five hundred dollars greater in the ten largest counties than the statewide mean.

In other words, South Florida homeowners insurance is costlier than the statewide average and the specific costs in zip codes across the north. Considering the fact that Florida has among the most expensive policies for residential dwellings in the country, South Fl homeowners insurance is certainly costly.

The largest county in the state is Miami-Dade. The average cost of South Florida homeowners insurance in Miami-Dade County is over five thousand dollars a year according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/south-florida-homeowners-insurance/. This is more than two thousand and four hundred dollars greater than the average across the state.

The most reasonable quote you can get in Miami-Dade County is just short of five thousand dollars. It is unlikely you will get comprehensive coverage by paying around four thousand or less. If you have one of the more luxurious properties and need comprehensive coverage in Miami-Dade then you are easily looking at five thousand and five hundred dollars per year.

South Florida home insurance in Broward County is less expensive than the average in Miami-Dade. But it is still greater than the statewide average. You are looking at an average cost of more than four thousand dollars. The precise average right now is four thousand and three hundred dollars for a standard comprehensive policy. The most inexpensive policy in Broward County is from Universal Property. The annual premium is a little more than three thousand and eight hundred dollars.

The second most populous county in the state is Palm Beach according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/south-florida-homeowners-insurance/, also in South Florida. The average cost of South Florida homeowners insurance in Palm Beach County is a tad over four thousand and five hundred dollars. This is more than fifty percent greater than the statewide average. You will not get quotes below four thousand dollars in Palm Beach County. Even if you are willing to let go of some of the more elaborate coverage and choose a few additional deductibles, you are likely to pay four thousand per year. The only plausible way to reduce the premium further is to opt for poorer coverage and that may not be the right approach if anyone wishes to protect their prized real estate.